CONSTANTINA - philanthropist, entrepreneur and singer/songwriter - radically transformed by the Divine.

She is the founder of Astyria Entertainment, Lip Goddess Cosmetics and the Constantina Children’s Foundation. Through her businesses, music, and philanthropy, Constantina shows that true beauty in God means giving back, both locally and abroad.

After the loss of her parents at a very young age, Constantina’s determination to overcome life’s hardships was expressed though music. Her tenacious spirit opened a doorway to study at the School for Creative and Performing Arts and Conservatory of Music, leading to performing internationally as a teen. Seeing the world through her travels, Constantina soon realized her gifts could be used to reach out to orphaned children with whom she identified. With a strong passion for performing and giving back, Constantina utilized her successful music career as an opportunity to volunteer for children’s causes.

As her career grew, she found herself living in the fast lane of Hollywood, holding singles on Billboard, featured on NBC/Telemundo, sharing platforms with Grammy-winning celebrities like Julio Iglesias and gaining such titles as the “The Most Downloaded Latina Artist on the Net.” As life propelled forward, Constantina accepted international tour dates where she could perform, give back and continue her education. She dazzled audiences from China to Paris, set up orphanages from India to Mexico and earned a BA in Business and Intercultural Communications.

As she continued to travel and witness the reality of suffering in the world, Constantina began following in the footsteps of Mother Teresa by caring for the poorest of the poor. She eventually founded the Constantina Children’s Foundation, leaving her music career to dedicate herself as a full-time missionary. Bridging together both worlds -the glamorous stage and the beauty experienced in aid organization works, Constantina branded “true beauty from within,” a concept that launched her Lip Goddess cosmetic company to support nonprofits. This event spread awareness by linking to media outlets such as Vogue magazine, HBN global network, Hispanic Newswire and Oxygen television affiliates under the theme of inspiring others.

The continuous accumulation of charitable acts resulted in a personal cataclysmic event, in which God miraculously transformed Constantina’s life experience from living to do good to living for Him. He called her to transcend her all-consuming fervor of life to know the Lord and place her faith in Him as the cornerstone of everything. Constantina soon realized her lifestyle did not truly resonate with the enlightenment and core values she now understood – a life rich with materialism and fame, yet lacking in God’s spirit and truth.

Following, she spent several years under the direction of a spiritual guide, became a lay sister for various apostolic convents, implemented missionary outreach programs through many congregations, embarked on religious theology studies and earned certification instituted as a lector, dedicating her path wholeheartedly to the heart of the Creator.

Emerging from that experience, Constantina now commits herself full time to assisting faith communities - serving in various parishes throughout the US, acting as a motivational speaker to youth, performing for charitable events and continuing missions for the sake of orphans around the world. With her amazing life in both secular and religious cultures, along with her remarkable range of gifted talents, entrepreneurial skill sets and deep desire to give back, Constantina stands at the forefront of transformational spiritual zeal. She hopes to touch the lives of others through true beauty while challenging everyone to go out and make an impact for humanity -no matter what your faith!